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His own Radiator Springs June 29, 2009

Posted by Ron Warnick in Movies, Railroad, Toys.

Inspired by the “Cars” movie, Roy Martinez Jr. of La Habra, Calif., is building a train-model set of the fictional Route 66 town of Radiator Springs. Here are some photos he e-mailed:

Martinez says he’s spent about 400 hours building the set, and he isn’t done. He needs to add detail work, finish Fillmore’s building, and install the toy rail lines. He’s going to use both N and HO scale railroads in the set.


1. TM - June 29, 2009

That is AWESOME!!!! Fillmore’s Geodesic Dome could be a real challenge. But clearly Martinez laughs in the face of challenge. Just amazing.

Roy Martinez Jr - July 12, 2009

Thank you, I have completed a whole bunch more on Ramones side of the blvd, I wasnt, but I did build all but one building on that side of the street. I extended the table because I ran out of room, now I begin luigi';s side of the street, but there arent many still pictures of that side of the street. I can only stop the movie and hope to get a short glimps, so I will do as best I can, any pictures of luigis side of the street would be appreciated, then once we finish, a train with a micro mini cam for a moving tour of RADIATOR SPRINGS. will be installed on the choo-choo

2. Luke - April 14, 2010

Well done on making that Radiator Springs model, it looks amaizing!
I am going to try and make one myself. could you please tell me how you made the cones from the cosy cone and what you made sarges surplus hut and Doc’s clinic from.
If you could answer i would be very greatful.


3. eric t - April 17, 2010

Very nice I’m also into miniature RS.If you want to see my town let me know i spent over 3 years on it

Luke - April 18, 2010

cool! where can I see it.

eric t - April 19, 2010
Luke - July 19, 2010

That is the best model i have ever seen! it all looks so realistic. love how you made docs clinic and sarges surplus hut. i am half way through making mine but have now run out of room :(

Mike - June 24, 2012

Eric T

got an updated link to the pics of your Radiator Springs? The above FB link doesn’t work anymore.


4. Luke - April 22, 2010

thanks that is absaloutly amaizing! what did you make sarges surplus hut and docs clinic from? Also have you expanded flos V8 cafe, if so please tell me how.

eric - July 30, 2010

Sorry luke don’t go often on this site but if you were the one that try to contact on facebook sorry i didn’t realize it was you.doc’s place was made out of styrofoam carved sanded and painted.sarge is made of a half a coffee can.see ya on facebook u got my page

5. Joseph - April 11, 2013

Any updated pictures of the Radiator Springs Diorama? I am currently thinking about making one for my 4 year old so am open to ideas. I have some small orange cones that came with a lightning McQueen bike that i figure should be the perfect size for the cozy cone rooms.

Roy Martinez - April 13, 2013

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