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A visit to Cars Land April 22, 2014

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Here’s one of the best videos I’ve seen about Cars Land in Disney California Adventure Park. It’s another example of high-quality equipment and editing software being available to regular folks.

Scott & Jimmy Visit Cars Land from Rick Stewart on Vimeo.

Naturally, Cars Land’s fictional Route 66 town of Radiator Springs is based on the real landmarks and people of Route 66. It continues to be the most popular post on Route 66 News, with more than 300,000 page views since 2006.

“The Grapes of Wrath” was published 75 years ago today April 14, 2014

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John Steinbeck’s famous novel about the Great Depression and a family’s Moses-like journey on Route 66, “The Grapes of Wrath,” was published 75 years ago today.

The National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, Calif., is marking the anniversary all year, and I’ll post a review of a new book about the writing of the novel when I’m done reading it.

In the meantime, NPR today posted a six-minute segment about the book and its impact on American culture and America in general.

A print article of the NPR segment is here.

The Telegraph newspaper in England also posted “10 Surprising Facts” about Steinbeck’s novel. One of the excerpts:

In The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck became the first writer to refer to Route 66 – the two-lane, 2,448-mile-road that connects Chicago to Los Angeles – as the “Mother Road”. In doing so, he helped capture the road’s image of redemption and turn it into a cultural icon. The fictional Joad family of the novel was an example of the thousands of people migrating to California to escape the despair of the Dust Bowl states, and many used Route 66. “66 is the mother road,” Steinbeck wrote, “the road of flight.”

Steinbeck also reportedly adored Henry Fonda’s portrayal of Tom Joad in the film version of his book, as he should.

The definitive nonfiction book about the Dust Bowl is Timothy Egan’s “The Worst Hard Time,” which I recommend for its eye-popping accounts as well as its graceful writing. Strangely enough, it took more than 70 years after the disaster for someone to write a truly great account of the event.

Lest you think an environmental disaster such as the Dust Bowl won’t happen again, I’ve read reports on Facebook almost weekly of dust storms in eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle. And, in an ironic twist, California — where the Joads journeyed to escape the dust — is suffering from a historic drought of its own.

(An image of the cover of a 1945 edition of “The Grapes of Wrath” by Make It Old via Flickr)

It’s official: There will be a third “Cars” film March 19, 2014

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Disney-Pixar plans a second sequel to the animated “Cars” movie, according to Variety and many other media outlets, although we’d long reported it would happen.

Disney CEO and chairman Bob Iger made the announcement during the annual Walt Disney Co. shareholders meeting Tuesday in Portland, Ore. However, author Michael Wallis, a Route 66 consultant to the first “Cars” film and voice of the Sheriff of Radiator Springs in it, hinted of the sequel more than a year ago and essentially confirmed it by August during a radio interview.

The original “Cars” in 2006, which primarily took place in the fictional Route 66 town of Radiator Springs, ignited the biggest revival for the real-life Route 66 since the publication of Wallis’ best-selling “Route 66: The Mother Road” in the early 1990s. “Cars” was based on many real-life people, towns, and landmarks on Route 66.

Wallis said during the radio interview the new “Cars 3″ film goes back to Route 66 and includes Route 99, a historically significant highway in California.

Iger offered no time frame of when the third “Cars” film would be released, nor was there any such information on Disney investors website.

The first “Cars” movie, released in 2006, grossed more than $460 million worldwide. The international spy caper that was “Cars 2,” released in 2011, wasn’t as well-received but grossed more than $500 million.

Beyond the box office, “Cars” films spawned more than $5 billion in merchandising sales — by far the most at Pixar. That’s an impressive figure, especially when one considers other Pixar films — especially “Toy Story” — come loaded with marketing potential. Cars Land — Disney’s theme park in California — also has been massively successful since it opened in mid-2012.

I’ve emailed Wallis to ask for more details. I’ll pass them along here later, if he has any.

Upcoming film set along Route 66 January 12, 2014

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An upcoming independent film titled “The Frontier,” starring Kelly Lynch of “Magic City” and “The Drugstore Cowboy” and Jim Beaver of “Deadwood,” will take place in a motel along Route 66, reported Deadline Hollywood.

Pic is set in 1974 along Route 66 and centers on a desperate woman on the run from the law who takes a job at a remote desert motel. She soon discovers the motel’s patrons are rendezvousing after a large robbery, and deciding she has nothing to lose, hatches a plan to steal their loot.

According to the website, filming began Saturday in Lancaster, Calif., about 70 miles west of the real Route 66 town of Barstow in the Antelope Valley.

This will be Oren Shai‘s first directed film; he also is co-writer of the screenplay and has earned acclaim as a film writer and as short-film maker in his native Israel. Dana Lustig is producing.

Shai also has posted some details about the film’s shooting from his Twitter account.



Life-size replica of Tow Mater will be auctioned January 11, 2014

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A man in Washington state who built a life-size replica of Tow Mater from the Disney-Pixar “Cars” movies will auction the truck Arizona later this month, according to the Daily Herald of Everett, Wash.

The film’s original inspiration to Tow Mater — a rusty 1951 International boom truck — still sits on Route 66 in Galena, Kan., as you can see below:

But a business owner in Everett several years ago made sure to build a nearly exact replica of the buck-toothed tow truck in the films.

Jack Walkley, owner of Everett’s Cobra Construction, and his crew have put $120,000, 13 coats of paint and 2½ years into perfecting every detail of the recognizable rusty rig.

“Jack spent so much time making sure everything was exact, not just close — exact,” said Marley Janes, Walkley’s bookkeeper. “He has put a lot of heart and soul into this truck.”

Walkley has used Mater’s cartoonish charisma to raise more than $760,000 for charity since completing the rubber-and-rust reproduction in March 2010. [...]

Mater has his own bank account, is on Facebook and Twitter, and has a nonprofit organization, the Rusty Wrecker. He has drawn attention from Larry the Cable Guy, who voiced the movie’s show-stealing, down-home country character, and Disney/Pixar executives.

“They said he was by far the best in the world,” Walkley said.

Walkley said he’s grown tired of traveling, and his brother-in-law died over the summer. So he decided to sell the vehicle, which is a combination 1955 Chevrolet farm truck, a 1964 Mack cab, a 1955 Holmes wrecker and various other parts.

Barrett-Jackson is auctioning Tow Mater live on Fox television on Jan. 17. You can see the listing here.

UPDATE: Walkley’s Tow Mater was sold Friday for $62,000.

“American Giants,” Episode 8 January 8, 2014

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Here is the eighth episode of Joel Baker’s ongoing “American Giants” series about roadside fiberglass giants, also known as Muffler Men.

This episode covers the last of the Muffler Men in Chicago, including one extensively modified into a Frankenstein monster. Baker told me that the next episode will take place in Dodge City, Kan.

John Lasseter’s introduction at the Route 66 roundtable December 7, 2013

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The folks at the World Monuments Fund a few hours ago posted this video that played at the beginning of the “Route 66: The Road Ahead” roundtable a few weeks ago near Cars Land at Disney California Adventure.

If you’re a newcomer to Route 66, John Lasseter directed the Route 66-inspired 2006 Disney-Pixar film “Cars” and is CEO of Pixar. Lasseter also is a member of the Route 66 Alliance.

Introduction to Route 66: The Road Ahead from World Monuments Fund on Vimeo.

An initial report about the roundtable — including a proposed merger of two national Route 66 associations — is here.

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