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Updated March 2, 2014

This post will be updated from time to time. If you know of a property on Route 66 for sale, let me know at route66news (at) yahoo.com. Also, if a property listed here sells, let me know.

Also, check out HistoricForSale.com, which specializes in historic property for sale.






New Mexico




1. Becky Tidmore - August 21, 2007

I have a historic home for sale on Route 66 in Baxter Springs, KS. How can I get it listed on here?

2. Ron - August 21, 2007

If the home is a business, just e-mail the information. But if it’s a residence, we steer clear of those.

3. John Hamsher - September 21, 2007

I have some pics of various things along Rt 66 from N.E. Oklahoma, S.E. KS, and S.W. Missouri that i would like to Market. Any help would be appreciated.

4. Linda Fitzpatrick - November 1, 2007

The historic Needles Theatre on Rt. 66 is being restored. Visit our website : http://www.friendsoftheneedlestheatre or just type Needles Theatre in your browser there are several links there. We formed a noprofit organization and are conducting fund raising events. The theatre was built in 1929 and opened in 1930 it’s been dark since early 1990′s. Donations are welcome !

LInda Fitzpatrick - September 10, 2011

The Theatre was sold in April to an Investor who intends to restore the Theatre .

5. Ashley - December 24, 2007

You have the best music and happy holiday.

best wishes to all of you

6. Tracy Sands - March 11, 2008

Available for all Route 66 festival functions. The Lively Ones surf instrumental band. 45 years and going strong. 7 hit albums, #1 single ‘Surfrider’, several movie credits including ‘Pulp Fiction’. Check out our reasonable festival rates. We got ‘em dancing in the streets. Url below for website (click ‘live’ clip).

7. Gabriele Veldtrup - August 21, 2008

Dear Sirs,
I tried to click on the link for the

Downtowner Motel

But nothing happens? Would you please fix this link?


8. i mile radius residents of downtown - September 13, 2008

Why cant anything be done with the frieght trains excessively blowing and really there is no control no natter day or night the full potential of noise is very very disgusting and they show no respect for the mohave county government operations downtown.
Who decided that the noise decibel and type of noise pollution is agreeable to taxpayers
What fool wrote the decision to make this law.
As a result Downtown kingman has so much to offer if only the control of the train noise and quiet zone can be enforced.

9. Anonymous - October 13, 2008

I noticed the other day that in Springfield Illinois on the 9th St/Peoria Rd alignment that Jungle Jim’s Cafe and Dude’s Saloon are both for sale by owner. They are right next to each other a couple blocks south of Bill Shea’s Gas Station Musuem.

10. Linda Fitzpatrick - January 19, 2009

The Needles Theatre building on RT 66 is for sale! this is a 2 story building with space on each side of the Theatre for a 50′s “Sweet Shop” ( as it once was) and a RT 66 Gift Shop! The Friends of the Needles Theatre restored the marquee and we’ve started on the lobby. Call the owner for more info: 928-768-2708

11. larry harris - March 6, 2009
12. David - May 4, 2009

Sorry, just couldn’t help but remember so many of the places you have listed. Having traveled from St. Louis to Phoenix over the years, as well as growing up in St. Louis, I often get off I-44 just to see the old sights.

13. Tim - June 10, 2009

Hi All !! Just started viewing this Route 66 News Site after jumping through hoops looking and maybe be planning a Holiday of a life time. After seeing the Pixar Cars Movie I decided that Route 66 has something to offer. I’ll fly out from London Gatwick to arrive at Chicago O’Hare. Not sure if I should rent a Camper, Car, or Motorbike? In fact not sure about anything until I get much more information about weather, places to stay, places NOT to go near, and learn how to drive on the right (thats the wrong side of the road for a Brit)!! When (or if) I get to the LA? I’d then consider the next leg of my journey to New Zealand!

14. Gary - July 18, 2009

Rent a car, then you’re not dependant on the weather. Also an RV could be a pain for some stretches of 66. (Especially since you’ll probably be turning around 100 times to get photos of stuff)

There’s really only one book you MUST have to do the trip, and that’s the “EZ66 Guide for Travelers” by Jerry McClanahan. You’d be foolish to try without this book. Next, I suggest the book “Route 66 Adventure Handbook” by Drew Knowles, which will explain what to see along the way. As an interesting bonus (and besides, it’s really cheap), get the reprinted “A Guide Book to Highway 66″ by Jack D. Rittenhouse. Originally published in 1946, it’s neat to compare “then and now”, and it also helped us understand what some of the ruins we saw used to be.

Good luck, and get going! Stuff disappears on Route 66 every day, so don’t wait.

15. Anonymous - October 13, 2009

Great site you have. I live part time on RT 66 and plan to move permentaly

16. britt bern - January 20, 2010

I am looking for a small diner on route 66 in Texas or Arizona. Fixer upper OK.

17. Anonymous - September 8, 2010

I am trying to list a property. I am on a loaner computer and I’m not too good on it. If you could call me at 505-554-6316. Mike , New Mexico, I could use some help.

Ron - September 8, 2010
18. Terry L Densley - October 12, 2010


If you wish to retire and own a Motel or RV park
and would like to make 7% for fifteen years.
I wish to buy on a deed of trust. My goal is to
buy one in every state, along route 66 and restore
to there glory days and give them all the same name and offer discounts. Thanks Terry

19. Miss Cindi Rose - October 27, 2010

Hola Terry,

Contact me regarding your wishes.

Miss Cindi Rose

Anonymous - November 23, 2010

Miss Rose,

Let me know what you have and where is the location.


20. Miss Cindi Rose - November 23, 2010
21. Anonymous - March 9, 2011

Blue Swallow Motel is “off market” according the posted link.

Ron - March 9, 2011

So it is. Bill says he took it off the market in November. The motel will reopen for tourist season, as usual, next month.

22. Sue Gast - August 22, 2012

I have a restaurant in Baxter Springs, KS for sale. Turn key operation. Due to family obligations, looking to sell. One of the oldest buildings in Baxter Springs(1868), fully restored. Coffee, soups/sandwiches and we make our own frozen custard. Have worked had to establish business. Let me know what if you need more if.

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