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“Yamashita Tomohisa Route 66,” Episode 5 January 31, 2012

Posted by Ron Warnick in Road trips, Television.

Here’s the fifth installment of Japanese television’s “Yamashita Tomohisa Route 66,” which chronicles a singer and actor’s trip down the Mother Road last fall.

He goes from Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Texas. I’m glad he got to see wild turkeys in western Oklahoma. And he didn’t attempt the Big Texan 72-ounce steak challenge, but close.


Looking forward to the next episode. He’s going to be a cowboy, albeit briefly.


1. muou rigyo - February 1, 2012

You eat a lot during this journey. Even though you acted a boxer in the movie last year.

2. cheekmunks - February 2, 2012

Those were wild turkeys? And here I thought they were roadrunners like he mentioned…

He’s kinda known to love eating so I was surprised he could barely finish a fourth of that steak. Maybe he had too much beer? Are all steaks in Texas that big? 0__0

And I can’t wait to see cowboy Yamapi! He supposedly doesn’t like horses so it’ll be interesting to see him ride one!

3. Sally - February 6, 2012

This is so cool! Thnx for posting!

4. feariekelly - February 12, 2012

he was in oklahoma :O i could have stalked him xD

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